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Midtronics MDX-658P

Battery Tester

Testing & Diagnostic Equipment

Century Yuasa’s range of battery testing equipment can help increase battery sales and grow your business into a true battery destination. Including battery testing as part of your total battery management program will help you identify suspect batteries before they fail, leading to pre-emptive battery replacement and increased customer service.

Vehicle technology is becoming increasingly complex. Idle Stop Start and Advanced Battery Management Systems are placing increasing demand on batteries, often resulting in premature failure. Today’s workshops must not only be able to service batteries in conventional vehicles but also complex vehicles equipped with Idle Start Stop technology and advanced Battery Management Systems.

Century Yuasa’s battery management program provides a range of innovative, market leading battery testing and diagnostic equipment designed to take the guess work out of battery testing.

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Technical Specifications

  • Code
  • Description
    MDX-658P CY Battery Tester
  • Weight
  • Warranty
    12 months
  • Accessories included
    Integrated printer, data card reader, 3m cables, stud adapter / tool bag


Battery recycling

Did you know that 98% of a lead acid battery can be reclaimed through recycling?

Battery Recycling Battery Recycling

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