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Truck & Heavy Equipment batteries

Century Truck & Heavy Equipment batteries represent the latest in performance and reliability for haulage and light commercial vehicles. Designed and built in Australia^ to better suit our harsh environment and extreme climate, they provide superior starting power, are able to sustain constant current loads over extended periods, and deliver what drivers and fleet managers really want — longer life with less down time.

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    Ultra Hi Performance

    Long Haul Trucks

    Century Ultra Hi Performance batteries are the clear choice for professional drivers, providing exceptional starting power and semi-cycling capabilities to power on-board accessories.

    • Exceptional starting power
    • Superior strength & endurance
    • Extreme vibration resistance
    • Australian made & designed
    • Exceptional starting power for long haul on-highway vehicles with extra power demands
    • Hybrid technology to sustain constant current loads for on-board accessories^
    • 50% longer life with thicker full frame cast plates and glass mat separators for improved strength and durability^
    • Platelock™ technology for extreme vibration and impact resistance^
  • Good

    Hi Performance

    Short Haul Trucks

    Century Hi Performance batteries are built to withstand the punishment of our extreme climate and harsh conditions, providing added strength and endurance for short haul vehicles.

    • Superior starting power
    • Added strength & endurance
    • Improved vibration resistance
    • Australian made & designed
    • Superior starting power for short haul off-highway vehicles
    • Added strength and endurance in commercial conditions
    • Longer service life Calcium technology for lower self-discharge and reduced water loss
    • Platelock™ technology for improved vibration and impact resistance^
  • Better

    Heavy Duty

    Heavy Equipment

    Century Heavy Duty batteries are designed and built tough to provide superior power and performance in commercial vehicles with high power demands.

    • Exceptional starting power
    • Extra strength & endurance
    • Improved vibration resistance
    • Longer service life
    • Exceptional starting power for commercial vehicles with high power demands
    • Thicker plates and denser active material for extra strength and endurance
    • Lower self-discharge and reduced water loss for longer service life
    • Platelock™ technology reduces movement of internal plates for improved vibration resistance^

Need a charger?

Get more out of your truck battery with a Century battery charger and maintainer.

^Selected items only.

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