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Made in Australia

Century Batteries is Australia's oldest and most recognised battery manufacturer with a proud history of designing and manufacturing batteries in Australia since 1928.


At Century, we're built for the 4am starts. For the moment that engine turns over. And for those long days on the open road. We're built for longevity.

That's why Century Batteries are built right here in Australia. For Australia.


Century's iconic blue and yellow batteries have been powering Australians like Tony and Connor Webb for generations. Our batteries are built from the ground up to better suit Australia's extreme climate and harsh conditions. Because we know the road ahead isn't always going to be easy.


If you're heading out into the great outdoors, there's nothing better than getting an early start. Boating, camping and fishing enthusiasts like Brett rely on the dependable starting power of Century to get them where they need to be, and the deep cycle power required to keep them out there for longer. 


Every day around Australia, there are people starting something. Just like Melody from Ten Acres - baking good old-fashioned sourdough bread. Handcrafted with organic, sustainable and locally sourced ingredients. Customers rely on her to deliver on-time everytime, and she relies on Century to get the job done.


Lloyd Armstrong's farm has been in his family for generations, and having worked the land for over 73 years he is a firm believer in the importance of supporting Australian made products and buying local.


View Our Battery Range

Century Car Batteries

Need a new battery for your car? You can rely on an Australian Made Century battery to get you moving.

Century 4x4 & SUV Batteries

If you're venturing into the outback, enjoying the hinterlands or sampling the Top End, it is important to have the right equipment in your 4x4 or SUV - and that includes the battery.

Century Marine & Boat Batteries

Century Marine Pro batteries are specifically designed to handle the harsh and demanding effects of vibration while delivering reliable starting power and performance.

Century Deep Cycle Batteries

Century Deep Cycle batteries are manufactured using the toughest internal lead components and latest design features to deliver long-lasting, dependable power.

Century Stop-Start Batteries

Century ISS Active Stop-Start and Hybrid Auxiliary batteries are specially designed to satisfy the fuel saving and emission reducing benefits of vehicles fitted with Idle Stop-Start (ISS) or Hybrid systems. 

Century Truck & Bus Batteries

Delivering more than just superior starting power, Century Truck, Bus and Heavy Equipment batteries can sustain constant current loads over extended periods, to run on-board accessories for longer.

Lawn Mower Batteries

When you've got some serious grass to cut, you can count on Century EverRide ride-on lawn mower batteries to get your motor running.

Motorcycle Batteries

Katana sports batteries deliver exactly what enthusiasts want - maximum starting power, superior performance and proven reliability.

Battery Chargers & Testers

Maintaining your battery has never been easier with Century Batteries’ range of battery testers and battery chargers.
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The Century Batteries difference

Century Car Batteries - It's what's inside that counts

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