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Understanding SMF Technology


Century's range of Sealed Maintenance Free batteries incorporate an array of design enhancements & internal improvements to maximise performance & battery life in order to meet the increased requirements of the next generation of motor vehicles.


How do Century Sealed Maintenance Free batteries work?


smf-lid.jpgCentury's advanced labyrinth structure works in conjunction with an advanced double layered lid to retain and condense water vapour that is produced in the battery during operation and charging.

As the vapours rise and fill the double-lid, the top lid remains cooler to allow the vapours to condense back on to the bottom lid, as water.

The labyrinth structure guides the water to flow back safely into the battery to maintain fluid levels, reduce water loss and deliver longer battery life in Australia’s hotter climate.


smf-lid-maze.jpg The advanced labyrinth structure also assists in preventing leaks during tilting and vibration.

Any electrolyte that enters the double layered lid through tilting or vibration is captured by the labyrinth cavities and returned into the battery.


excess-gasses-(1).jpgExcess gasses produced are safely discharged by the integrated central venting system, whilst the porous Flame arrestor protects against external sparks, flames and other sources of ignition.

These advancements remove the need to top up fluid, improves safety and delivers longer life in Australia's hotter climate.

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