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Century AGM batteries now better than ever

Century Batteries has recently revamped its Deep Cycle Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) range, introducing a host of product improvements along with a new 36-month warranty.

When compared to newer Lithium Deep Cycle batteries on the market, AGM products still have their place – as a compelling option which are not only spill proof, but also incredibly durable and able to deliver higher current outputs. Century has been a long-standing player in the AGM space and has consistently improved their product offering over the years to ensure they remain at the top of the tree.

AGM Deep Cycle batteries differ from traditional flooded lead-acid batteries, in that the electrolyte is suspended in highly porous glass fibre mat separators. These act as a sponge like material absorbing the loose electrolyte and holding it up against the battery plates – and eliminate the possibility of acid leaks and spills in the process.

One of the hallmarks of the AGM Deep Cycle batteries are their durability. Century has built on this by incorporating thicker battery plates, stronger inter-cell welding, and more robust castings within each of the battery cells. These improvements mean that Century’s new AGM range offers even higher levels of vibration resistance and durability, which is vital for dealing with the harsh marine, 4x4 or camping applications they’re often subjected to.

Century's AGM Deep Cycle products now boast an extended 36-month warranty, supported by a vast network of over 7,000 resellers nationwide, ensuring customers feel confident wherever their adventures take them.

The Century AGM range is available in sizes from 32 – 270Ah, and are rated at 800+ cycles at 50% depth of discharge (DOD) with a self-discharge rate of less than 3% per month. Century AGM Deep Cycle batteries can be recharged using a DC to DC charger, a solar panel/blanket, or a ‘smart’ battery charger like the new Century CC1206 or CC1212-XLi.

For more information on the new Century Deep Cycle AGM range and to understand how your business can benefit from becoming a stockist, contact your local Century Yuasa representative on 1300 362 287.

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