How to use the CC6121.2


Selecting the right setting for your battery

The CC6121.2 is suitable for charging batteries rated up to 24Ah* and maintaining batteries rated up to 100Ah.

The Ah (Ampere Hours) capacities shown above are to be used as a general guide only. Refer to the battery manufacturers specifications and recommendations for your charging requirements.

Designed to charge and maintain 6 and 12V conventional lead acid batteries, the CC6121.2 incorporates a battery voltage selection switch, which allows the user to select between two voltage outputs. Make sure you select the 12V setting when charging a 12 volt battery, and the 6V setting when charging a 6 volt battery.

*Based on 5 to 30% of battery Ah ratings. For optimum charging, 10% of battery Ah rating is recommended for flooded batteries and 20% of battery Ah rating is recommended for AGM & Gel batteries.

Where can I find the Ah rating of my battery?

You can view the Ah rating of all Century batteries on our website. Click here to search your battery type and check its specifications.


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