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Solar Storage Batteries

Reliable, Renewable Energy

Throughout Australia, Enersun is recognised by solar industry professionals as the go-to brand no matter the application.

Our dedication to providing the very best in solar storage batteries means our solar installation partners can be assured of quality, reliability and ongoing support throughout the very long service life of every one of our Enersun solar products. From solar backup for communications to a complete off-grid system, Enersun from Century Yuasa will deliver year after year.

Enersun SSR

The original Enersun SSR battery has been manufactured and sold in the Australian market since 1991. Incorporated into a robust powder-coated steel tray, the SSR is the staple for many designers of power in remote applications. The product allows for high acceptance of charge and has a large 'top-of-plate' electrolyte reservoir which reduces the effect of temperature as well as minimising maintenance requirements.

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Enersun GEL VRLA

Enersun GEL VRLA batteries offer a Maintenance-Free solution for providing backup power for telecommunications and small solar or wind power storage. The tubular plate and gel electrolyte makes this battery an ideal solution for remote standby and mobile deep cycle applications where battery power may be required for extended periods.

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