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ISS VS Conventional Batteries

In constant Idle Stop-Start (ISS) environments such as city driving, an Idle Stop Start vehicle may stop and start the engine at least once per kilometre. This places extreme demands on a battery - which must be able to cycle constantly and start the vehicle, even when in a partial state of charge.

In vehicles fitted with Idle Stop Start systems, the battery must be able to handle the rigours associated with constant Idle Stop Start demands, rapid recharging and the power requirements needed to run electrical accessories whilst the engine is switched off. The battery must also deliver the necessary cranking capacity to start the vehicle in a fraction of a second when the brake is released or the accelerator depressed. 

Conventional batteries are not designed to handle the cycling requirements of Idle Stop Start systems. In a conventional system the battery starts the vehicle two or three times per day, and the capacity used is replaced by the alternator throughout the duration of the journey. The battery is not subjected to constant cycling or required to operate in a partial state of charge.

Using a conventional battery in an Idle Stop Start system can effect the ISS and CO2 emission controls in the vehicle and lead to premature battery failure.


Can a conventional battery be used in an ISS vehicle?

Conventional batteries should not be used in vehicles fitted with Idle Stop Start systems as they have not been designed to handle the power and cycling requirements of these systems. Fitting a conventional battery in a vehicle with Idle Stop Start technology could potentially damage the vehicle's electrical system and lead to early battery failure.

Only Idle Stop Start compatible batteries should be sued in vehicle with Idle Stop Start systems.  Always replace the battery with a like for like EFB or AGM ISS Active battery. Century ISS Active batteries can however, be used in vehicle which are not fitted with Idle Stop Start systems as they offer improved starting power and enhanced cycling capability.


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