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Idle Stop Start (ISS) system information


What are ISS systems?

Vehicles fitted with Idle Stop Start systems are often referred to as mild or micro hybrids. They have been developed by vehicle manufacturers to improve vehicle fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions to satisfy global carbon emission targets.

How do ISS systems work?

Basic Idle Stop Start systems work by shutting off the engine whilst the vehicle is stationary. When the brake pedal is released or the accelerator depressed, the engine quickly re-starts enabling the vehicle to be driven.

In more advanced Idle Stop Start systems, the vehicle may also incorporate regenerative braking or engine power assistance technology. This technology has the ability to switch off the engine when the vehicle is coasting or braking as well as whilst stationary. Shutting off the engine eliminates the amount of fuel that would otherwise have been used, reducing both vehicle emissions and fuel consumption.

Identifying vehicles fitted with ISS systems

Idle Stop Start technology can be incorporated into both petrol and diesel vehicles with a manual
or automatic powertrain. It may not be possible to identify whether a vehicle incorporates Idle Stop Start technology, as manufacturers will not always promote this technology on engine components. Some vehicle manufacturers include a device on the dash board which enables the Idle Stop Start system to be deactivated as required. 

To avoid fitting a conventional or incorrect battery into an Idle Stop Start vehicle, run through the following checklist.

  • Does your vehicle turn off whilst stationary? 

  • Can you see an Idle Stop Start Symbol on the dash board? 

  • Do you have a switch that allows you to disable the Idle Stop Start function as required?

  • Check the battery that is fitted, is it marked as an ISS AGM or ISS EFB battery? 

If you are still unsure contact your vehicle manufacturer or use our battery finder.

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Vehicles fitted with Idle Stop-Start systems are often referred to as mild or micro hybrids. They have... [Learn More]


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