Century BM12V Troubleshooting

Having trouble getting your Century BM12V Battery Monitor connected to your phone and get up and running? Please follow our step-by-setup guide below to check and confirm that both the monitor and your device have been set up correctly.

1. Always follow the included Owner's Manual

Your Century BM12V came with an Owner's Manual included in the pack. This should contain all of the information required to get your battery monitor up and running. If you've lost your copy, the PDF can be downloaded here.

2. Confirm the BM12V monitor has been installed correctly

The Century BM12V battery monitor comes with colour coded connectors - red for positive (+) and black for negative (-). These must be connected to the matching positive (+) and negative (-) terminals on your vehicle's battery. If the device has been installed incorrectly, it will not function and in some cases may be permanently damaged.

3. Download the Century BM12V app for your device

The free Century BM12V app can be downloaded for Apple and Android devices, via the App Store and Google Play Store respectively. This app is required in order for your battery monitor to function.

4. Launch the Century BM12V app to connect for the first time

Once Bluetooth is turned on, launch the Century BM12V app and it will automatically locate and connect to the nearest battery monitor and start relaying information to the smart phone.

5. Do not attempt to connect to the monitor directly via Bluetooth settings

The Century BM12V app connects to the monitor automatically when you launch the app, meaning it is not necessary to open your phone's Bluetooth settings and attempt to connect to the monitor manually. This is not required, and as a result there is no PIN.

6. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled

The Century BM12V connects to your phone via Bluetooth, so please ensure the Bluetooth connection on your device has been enabled. Some devices may be set to disable Bluetooth as a power saving measure after a specified amount of time, so please check these settings if you are experiencing issues.

7. Check your Century BM12V app permissions

Some devices by default will limit the Century BM12V app's permissions to use certain features or hardware on your phone. Please ensure at a minimum that the Century BM12V app has permission to use your phone's bluetooth connection, and is an app which is trusted by your phone's system.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact Century Yuasa's customer service team on 1300 362 287 or fill out the form below for assistance.

Where did you purchase your BM12V?
Confirm your monitor has been installed on the battery as per the Owner's Manual.
Please provide a description of the issue you are experiencing. The more information you can provide, the quicker and easier it will be for us to diagnose and solve the issue.
Upload screenshots of your issue (optional)

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