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Longer life and superior performance for Australian conditions

Optional electrical accessories, regenerative braking technology and advanced engine management systems all place extra loads on the battery. If these requirements are not factored into the design and manufacturing process, they can lead to premature battery failure.

Century’s new range of sealed maintenance free batteries continue to build on Century’s reputation for quality and innovation. Incorporating industry leading technology and engineering innovation to provide a range of sealed maintenance free batteries that are built to withstand the challenges of Australia’s extreme climate, harsh driving conditions and the demands of today’s modern vehicles.

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Ultra Hi Performance Range

Century Ultra Hi Performance batteries are the ultimate in battery performance and maintenance free technology. Featuring specialist internal components, unique design features and industry leading technology to combat the causes of battery failure and deliver reliability, longer life and superior performance.

Hi Performance Range

Century Hi Performance batteries feature hard wearing internal components to reduce corrosion and enhance vibration resistance, while producing dependable power and performance.

Hi Performance DIN Range

Century Hi Performance DIN batteries have been designed and manufactured to deliver longer life and performance while meeting the fitment requirements of European and Imported vehicles.

ISS Active Rangecar-iss.jpg

Century ISS Active batteries are specially designed to satisfy the fuel saving and emission reducing benefits of vehicles fitted with Idle Stop Start systems.

Hybrid Auxiliary Range

Century Hybrid Auxiliary batteries provide enhanced cycling capability and the power required to run the vehicle’s on-board electrics and computer management system. The advanced design features improve cycling ability and enable the battery to recharge faster.

Optima Red Top Range

A range of high performance batteries designed to deliver superior starting power and longer life in performance vehicles. Featuring patented spiral cell technology for increased vibration resistance and heat tolerance, Optima Red Top batteries are ideal for use in utes, luxury cars, 4WD's and other vehicles with high energy demands.