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The Century Overlander Difference


Century’s new Overlander 4x4 battery continues to build on Century’s reputation for quality and innovation.

Incorporating industry leading technology and engineering innovation to provide a battery that is built to withstand the challenges of Australia’s extreme climate, and harsh off-road conditions.


1. Cast Plate
Thicker, full frame plate provides increased strength and lower internal resistance, promoting superior starting power, improved vibration resistance and longer service life. 

2. Enhanced Plate Paste
Enhanced paste formulation reduces water loss and improves charge acceptance for superior performance and longer life.

3. Glass Mat Separators
Constrains the paste into the plate, improving durability and increasing vibration resistance.

4. Mud Rack
Improves plate support for greater vibration resistance and to prevent short circuits.

5. Polypropylene Case
Reinforced design provides durability to withstand shock and vibration.
6. Carry Handle
Ergonomic design provides a thicker grooved carry handle for comfort.

7. State of Charge Indicator
For on the spot diagnosis of battery condition.

8. Cast on Strap
Thicker cast on strap ensures durability and lower electrical resistance for longer battery life. 

9. Labyrinth Lid Technology
Advanced double lid to assist in reducing water loss and promote longer battery life.

10. PlatelockTM Technology
Combats vibration and damage from rough, uneven conditions.

11. Twin Terminal
To safely connect additional accessories to the battery.
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