All batteries are not created equal!

Century car and passenger vehicle batteries lead the industry in design, performance and reliability.  Derived from over 85 years of manufacturing and technical expertise, they incorporate an array of advanced design features and specialist internal components to deliver longer life and superior performance in Australia's extreme climate and harsh conditions.

Stay off the beaten track for longer!

Century 4WD batteries are designed and built tough, using incredibly robust internal components and advanced manufacturing processes to withstand the challenges of Australia's extreme off-road conditions. Incorporating over 85 years of design and manufacturing expertise to deliver the performance needed to keep you off the beaten track for longer.

Long-Lasting, Dependable Power

Century's range of Deep Cycle batteries are manufactured using the toughest internal lead components and latest design features to deliver long-lasting, dependable power in recreational and industrial applications.  The range includes a comprehensive selection of AGM, Gel, Flooded and Industrial Deep Cycle batteries.

Made for boats...JUST BOATS

Century’s range of dedicated marine batteries are designed and built tough right here in Australia. They incorporate incredibly strong internal components, and specialist design features to combat wave pounding and trailer transport.
The Century Marine Pro range of batteries are made for boats...JUST BOATS.

The Ultimate Power Source

Optima Batteries feature patented spiralcell technology for superior vibration and heat resistance, in a sealed spill proof case. This means greater running time, faster recharge and up to twice the service life of traditional batteries.

In for the Long Haul!

Century Truck and Light Commercial batteries represent the latest in performance and reliability for haulage and light commercial vehicles.  Designed and built in Australia to better suit our harsh environment and extreme climate, they deliver what drivers and fleet managers really want - longer life with less down time.

The True Australian Workhorse!

Century Heavy Equipment batteries are manufactured using some of the toughest internal components available in the battery industry.  Thicker battery plates, high density oxide paste and heavy duty separators combine to deliver dependable performance and longer life in trucks, farm, construction and heavy plant equipment.  

Dependable Power from Season to Season

Century Lawn & Garden equipment batteries represent the latest in small engine starting technology for ride-on mowers, personal watercraft, generators and some small cars. They incorporate advanced engineering processes and robust internal components to deliver dependable starting power and reliable performance in constant stop start applications.

Dependable Back-up & Primary Power

Century PS batteries are a range of high performance multi-purpose batteries which provide dependable primary and back-up power in domestic and commercial applications.  Manufactured to the latest International standards, using premium grade raw materials and superior manufacturing processes, Century PS batteries provide reliable, trouble-free power in high-service-life applications.

The Power in Powersports

Manufactured to the highest international standards from durable internal components and the latest engineering techniques, Katana sports batteries are designed to provide reliable starting power and performance when it is needed the most.

Solar. Power.

A 25 year history as Australia's most reliable solar storage battery makes Enersun from Century Yuasa the go-to brand for solar technicians across Australia. Whether it be an emergency backup system or a complete off-grid installation, Century Yuasa Enersun Batteries provide reliable, long lasting power. 

Avoid a nervous breakdown!

Century battery testers are the latest in testing and diagnostic equipment, which can help avoid the inconvenience of unexpected battery failure.  Manufactured by Midtronics Inc. they are ideal for testing batteries both in and out of the vehicle, providing fast, accurate, on the spot test results to help identify suspect batteries before they fail.